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Our Markets — Multifamily Housing Industry


  • No Collection No Fee!
  • Collections Worldwide!
  • Unsurpassed business relationships!
  • Automated with the personal touch!
  • Accounts accepted in most transmission mediums!
  • Entire Company's focus is to leases and the charges affiliated to them!
  • Ethical and professional collection solutions!

Our Services

For over 20 years Ideal Collection Services, Inc. has specialized in the collection of leases and the fees associated with them. We are proud members of the American Collectors Association International and all of our collectors are trained through their services and adhere to all state and federal laws.

At Ideal Collection Services we will design a collection plan to fit your needs. Ideal will work with you to identify the best solution and will implement the custom plan you choose with all collections placed with our agency.

Ideal's staff is always professional, friendly and knowledgeable and is here to help you. We will exceed your expectations in what you currently think about collection companies.

Idealn., 1) a standard of perfection, or excellence 2) one regarded as exemplifying an ideal and often taken as a model for imitation 3) an ultimate object or aim of endeavor
(definition Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

“At Ideal Collection Services our Company’s number one priority is the satisfaction of our clients, while setting the highest integrity standards for ourselves in our client service and satisfaction.”

—Business Philosophy of President and CEO Ideal Collection Services, Inc.